'Sex And The City: The Movie' Sequel Heads To ... Africa?

Oh, "Sex and the City," there is so much to love about you, and that’s why we’re so excited for a second movie. There’s the hunky guys, the fabulous fashions, Sarah Jessica Parker, and... the Mediterranean? That’s right, CinemaBlend reports the cast and crew (including director Michael Patrick King who is pictured with the ladies) of the “Sex and the City: The Movie” sequel have set up shop in Morocco for five weeks of filming. Five weeks! It must be all this shoddy (read: hot and/or rainy) New York summer weather.

But it raises the question: What could possible take Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha to Africa for such an extended period of time? Of course, five weeks of production in Morocco could be the equivalent of five minutes on screen, or it could take up half the film. But still, what could the ladies possibly be doing over there? The farthest they’ve strayed from NYC is to Carrie’s honeymoon booked in that Mexican resort (scenes that were actually filmed at a private home in Malibu!), so maybe the ladies have decided to expand their worldly travels?

The answer seems simple: Morocco would be a lovely vacation spot for two certain honeymooning newlyweds to actually take their honeymoon on. Since trying to work some political commentary into the sequel did not end up happening, maybe traveling to a different locale is how it is trying to set itself apart from its predecessor.

But Morocco could easily be a stand in for a different location (think New Zealand being used for Middle Earth). Or, Warner Bros. could have truly upped the ante like they upped the starring ladies’ salaries and went all out to shoot on location just like “Mama Mia.”) Truth is, we won’t know exactly why Carrie and co. traveled from the The Big Apple to the Mediterranean until the sequel hits theaters May 28. Until then, we can only speculate.

Why do you think “Sex and the City” has traveled to Morocco? Share your crazy theories with us!