'Bandslam' Stars Gaelan Connell & Lisa Kudrow Talk 'Rock Band' And A Possible Sequel

Welcome to Day 2 of "Bandslam" week here at Hollywood Crush! Yesterday, we gabbed with stars Vanessa "Popper" Hudgens and Aly "Rocker" Michalka, and today we're sitting down with Gaelan Connell, who plays nerdy band manager Will Burton, and Lisa Kudrow, who plays his mom.

You're probably familiar with Lisa's extensive rock repertoire, she is of "Smelly Cat" fame after all, but did you know costar Gaelan is also a bona fide musician? The 20-year-old is the lead singer and guitar player for the band Exist, which has a song featured on the "Bandslam" soundtrack (he's a regular Robert Pattinson!). For Gaelan, playing a character on the other side of the mic was a bit strange, but he's hoping to get his hands on an instrument for the encore. "Yeah, [director Todd Graff] always says the sequel will be Will learning the instruments that he loves," Gaelan joked. Press play on the clip below to hear more from Gaelan and Lisa including the former "Friends" stars' mad "Rock Band" skills (which unfortunately ended up on the cutting room floor).

Are you excited to see "Bandslam" this weekend?