'New Moon' 14-Second Teaser Trailer Gets Our Shot-By-Shot Analysis!

Fourteen seconds of "New Moon" is better than zero seconds, right? But it goes by faster than you can say, "You're sort of beautiful," so we've taken it upon ourselves to give the brand new teaser the good 'ole MTV freeze frame try. Which means, you can watch the 14-seconds as it goes by shot by shot. So stare at a shirtless Taylor Lautner (six-pack included!) or drool over Robert Pattinson as he parts ways with his beloved Bella (Kristen Stewart). It's your choice. Just make sure you leave your computers at some point today to take a "Twilight" break.

What did you think of the 14-second teaser? Have you already bought your tickets for "Bandslam" so you can see the full thing?