'New Moon' 14-Second Teaser Trailer Is Here!

Get ready Twi-Hards! In just three days you're going to be able to get yourself a long-awaited (and probably highly needed) "Twilight" fix that will hopefully tide you over until the release of "New Moon" on November 20.

Summit Entertainment is debuting a brand new, exclusive theatrical trailer for the second movie in the Saga this Friday along with the all the screenings of its next flick "Bandslam." We know your appetites for all things "Twilight" can be as big as the Wolf Pack's after a hunt in the Forks' woods, so we've got a special 14-second teaser from that very same trailer ready for your continuous playback and enjoyment all day (and maybe even for the next couple days until you can see the full thing!) right here. Go ahead, press play!


In case that wasn't enough Edward and Jacob for you, check out the first "New Moon" trailer, which premiered at the MTV Movie Awards in May.