Teen Choice Awards: The Top Five Moments Of The Show Were...

We've already dissected the best and worst star styles, chatted up "Twilight" stars Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone(and caught Chace Crawford maybe-flirting with Ashley Greene) on the grass carpet, and even served up a few clips from the ceremony. So we couldn't have been more psyched to finally see the big event, the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, on FOX last night.

Hosted by the Jonas Brothers, the ceremony was star-studded to say the least, with fan favorites like Robert Pattinson, Britney Spears and Zac Efron taking to the stage to accept their prestigious surf boards. We've compiled a list of our favorite moments from the night, so take a gander at our countdown and then leave your own suggestions for choice moments in the comments section below.

1. Best Gathering of Hotness on One Stage: The "Twilight" cast

Well, it's no big surprise the "Twilight" gang swept 11 of the 12 categories they were nominated in including "Choice Movie Liplock," "Choice Movie Rumble," and "Choice Movie Fresh Face" for Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner. But when the entire cast (sans a few faces, albeit) took to the podium to accept their "Choice Drama" award, we were surprised the stage held up under the weight and heat of all that beauty.

Mike Tyson and Joe Jonas2. Best "Dare the Jonas Brothers" Gag: Joe Jonas gets a haircut from Mike Tyson

Prior to the taping of last night's awards ceremony, JoBro fans were asked to submit videos daring the brothers to do deeds during the show. When boxer and "Hangover" star Mike Tyson appeared on stage with a giant pair of scissors to give middle son Joe a haircut, we thought it was just a goof. But then the heavy weight seemingly began chopping off locks of real hair from the soon-to-be 20-year-old's curly mop, and our jaws dropped. As the night wore on, Joe's hair didn't look any worse for the wear, however, so maybe it was all just a joke after all. Either way, it was a darn good gag.

Black Eyed Peas3. Best Musical Performance: "I Gotta Feeling," by the Black Eyed Peas

Miley Cyrus' racy pole dance got all the tongues wagging, but it was the Black Eyed Peas who gave the choicest performance. Descending from the rafters on surf boards, the Peas rocked the auditorium with their No. 1 song, finishing with a confetti shower worthy of Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Hugh Jackman4. Best Acceptance Speech: Hugh Jackman

The hunky Aussie was all class accepting his surfboard for Choice Movie Actor Action Adventure saying, "I used to be the only Australian in the world who didn't have a surf board. Well now I've got one. Thank you very much, everyone. This is a huge moment for me and for my kids, not the award, but the fact that I'm on the same stage as the Jonas Brothers." Hulky and humble. What a nice combo.

Ed Westwick5. Best Swoon-Worthy Accent: Ed Westwick

There were a lot of accents to chose from last night including Robert Pattinson's and Hugh Jackman's, but it was a certain "Gossip Girl" bad boy whose Queen's English got us all hot and bothered. It's a rare treat to hear Ed breakout his accent, and it kind of made us wish Chuck Bass were a proper English gentleman. Almost.

What was your favorite moment during the Teen Choice Awards? Chime in below!