Teen Choice Awards (Is Miley 'The Next Britney'?) And DMV Gripes In Today's Tweet Dreams

Ed Westwick We’re sure, just like us, you’re counting down until tonight’s Teen Choice Awards (even if we already know the winners!) In fact, some of the celebs who went home with the coveted surfboard extended their acceptance speeches on Twitter. "Gossip Girl" bad boy Ed Westwick (pictured), who won for Choice TV Villain said, “I probably wouldn't have won if it wasn't for you guys. Many thanks to you all.” Ryan Seacrest gave a similar Twitter shout-out to fans when he posted, “just wanted to thank everyone who voted for me for choice TV personality at the teen choice awards...u guys are awesome.” Check out even more TCA love below.

Some other celebs, however, were at the not-so-fabulous time at the DMV. Stylist and reality star Rachel Zoe complained, “ughh at the DMV for the first time in 10 years to renew my license LOL....” while yet another reality star, Stephanie Pratt, had an equally exhausting experience, telling us, “I am going to be here forever! The dmv is like a black hole!” We’re just wondering if they were in the same line?!

To say what else your favorite celebs were happy (or maybe not so

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@mileycyrus For all the people calling me the "next Britney" THANK U. I couldn't ask for a better compliment : )

-Miley Cyrus, Musician, Actress ("Hannah Montana")

@TheEllenShow OMG you guys!

You've got to watch The Teen Choice Awards tonight on FOX. I'm a winner...And you could be too.

-Ellen DeGeneres, Comedian, Talk Show Host ("The Ellen DeGeneres Show")

@Jessica Simpson thought i was hallucinating durning a 6.6 earthquake in japan. i have never felt anything like this in my life. laying in bed watching cnn.

-Jessica Simpson, Musician

@JohnStamos off to sing and run on the treadmill - i sweat so much during rehearsal they call me - john stay-moist. my new porn name. yours???

-John Stamos, Musician, Actor ("ER")

@mindykaling Is it possible I've gone so long in life without knowing how to properly tie my shoelaces (mash two ends together into a string tangle)?

-Mindy Kaling, Comedian, Actress ("The Office," "The 40 Year Old Virgin")

@ElizabethBanks Wow, working nights. No sleep. Kinda delerious. A woman unhinged.

- Elizabeth Banks, Actress ("Scrubs," "The Uninvited")

@1capplegate I have a deep love and appreciation for a good veggie burger. Don't tell my macrobiotic lady.

-Christina Applegate, Actress ("Samantha Who")

@pink i saw my niece on skype last night-she looked like rainbow bright.why cant adults have outfits like that???? i want a striped one-sie!!

-Pink, Musician

@azizansari Just thought of a great song. Chorus is me saying "You're a jerk!" and then a friend saying "I know." Let me know if this already exists.

-Aziz Ansari, Comedian, Actor ("Funny People," "Parks and Recreation")

@NickCannon I'm about to go sleep outside Walmart so I can be the first to get that smash single by Mariah Carey called OBSESSED!

-Nick Cannon, Actor, TV Host ("America's Got Talent")

@BenjaminMadden It's better for me to eat breakfast alone. My pre-coffee silence can me miss-read.

pre-coffee tweets should be ignored too.

-Benji Madden, Musician

@JudahWorldChamp When I was a kid. I thought I had a twin. I didn't. I had a mirror.

-Judah Friedlander, Comedian, Actor ("30 Rock")