'Bandslam' Stars Vanessa Hudgens & Aly Michalka Talk Rock Music And Learning To Play The Guitar

"Bandslam" week is finally upon us! And you know what that means? No, not just another sneak peak at a second "New Moon" trailer (though there is a special something in regards to that appearing on Hollywood Crush first thing tomorrow — so get excited!), but also a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the battle of the bands movie and the stars behind it.

Today, we bring you the femmes of the flick, Vanessa Hudgens and Aly Michalka, as they discuss what it was like to switch up their usual musical beats and take on the rock genre. Not that it was all the weird for Aly, who is one half of the group formerly known as Aly & AJ (they now go by 78Violet). "She's the rocker and I'm the popper," Vanessa insisted. Aly laughed and agreed: "My style of music with my sister definitely has pop in it, but it's definitely rock-based. ['Bandslam'] was different because I'm playing more cover songs than my own material than I've written myself, which I'm so used to doing with my sister, but it was a good change."

Vanessa also embraced the change from happy-go-lucky brainiac to introverted loner. In "Bandslam," she joins the budding band I Can't Go On, I'll Go On after there's a "malfunction" with one of its members and her character's new hobby forced the actress to learn to play guitar — learn to sing with no inhibitions. "I didn't know how to play guitar before this, I don't really do rock music," she said. "So it was weird for me. It took me out of my element and I think it worked great for the character."

Has Vanessa kept up with the guitar though since her "rock god" cameo? "No, I kind of retired. I wish I'd pursued it more. It was short-lived ... I mean, I dabble every now and then."

Press play above to hear more from Aly and Vanessa on rock and keep checking back to Hollywood Crush all week for more exclusive "Bandslam" content!

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