'New Moon' Stars Kellan Lutz And Jackson Rathbone Explain The Hair Love Story Of 'Twilight'

Now that you've watched "Twilight" at least 257 times, you probably think you know what it's all about, right? Love ... vampires ... Forks ... hair. Yes, that's right, hair. We caught up with the brothers Cullen (that would be Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone) at last night's taping of the Teen Choice Awards and they shed some light on what has made their vampire franchise so darn popular.

"Rob's hair. Jackson's hair. It's an awesome love story ... about hair," joked Kellan. All kidding aside, Robert Pattinson, without a doubt, has one of the most enviable mops around, but Jackson, don't take this personally, we think it's time for a trim. Click play on the clip below to hear more about the awesome hair love story and why Jackson may be rooting for Team Edward over Team Jacob.

Who do you think would win in a hair-off? Robert or Jackson?