'Time Traveler's Wife' Has Us Looking Back On Other Movie Romances That Spanned Time

When Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana heat up the screen Friday with “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” our hearts are sure to melt when we watch their love story tragically spread across their lives. As a time traveler who can’t control his jumps and the girl who’s been in love with him since he first jumped into her life as a young girl, the duo is sure to wrench as many tears out of us as Rachel did in her last epic love story, “The Notebook.”

But “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is far from the first film to manipulate time for the sake of romance. Here is a look back at some of the best time travel love stories out there.

"Kate & Leopold"

When Liev Schreiber’s Stuart finds a tear in time on the Brooklyn Bridge, the Duke of Albany, Leopold ( Hugh Jackman in all his Aussie glory), follows him from 1876 to 21st century New York. There, he meets and falls in love with modern career woman Kate (Meg Ryan). After a moonlight dinner on their apartment roof and the cutest cuddling scene in the history of cinema, Kate can’t help but follow him back to 1876 and live out their lives as soul mates.


Taking place in an era where time travel is being threatened by villains who want to induce catostrophic events in the future, Time Enforcement Commission agent Max Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is tortured with the knowledge that he can save his dead wife by traveling into the past and preventing her death. Turns out there was a bit of tampering with time already going on, so he's allowed to get his wish and his wife lives.

"Peggy Sue Got Married"

As the titular Peggy Sue, Kathleen Turner gets sent back from her 25th high school reunion to her senior year in high school and finally gets to do everything she regretted not doing back then (like telling her math teacher she really will never need to use algebra in her life), as well as rediscover why she loved her high school sweetheart, played by Nicholas Cage, who in present time is her ex.

"Somewhere In Time"

Back when Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve were the sex symbols of the ages (also known as 1980) came this tragic romance, which followed a time paradox much like the one in “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Here, Reeve’s Richard Collier meets an elderly Elisa McKenna whom he later becomes infatuated with when he sees a photograph of her from 1912. He travels back in time and they fall in love, only for him to be separated from her once again by time.

"Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey"

Amazingly enough, “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey” manages to include clones, electric football, the Grim Reaper, a young Keanu Reeves ... and a time travel romance all in one film. Though with far less of a dramatic flair than will all of our aforementioned films, the clone Bill and Ted destroy their real counterparts’ relationships with their 15th-century princess fiancés, and it is up to the real Bill and Ted to travel through Heaven and Hell to reunite with them. It doesn’t get more epically romantic than that.

Do you believe in love than spans time? What is your favorite time travel romance?

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