Audrina Patridge Ditches 'The Hills' For A Girl Kiss In 'Sorority Row'

If you ever wondered what it would be like if Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad kissed on "The Hills," (or, you know, if your boyfriend has) then you'll have to check out Audrina's new flick, "Sorority Row," because, well, it might not be LC, but she is kissing a girl — her equally femme co-star Leah Pipes.

In a sneak peek testimonial of the flick, out on September 11, fans can check out the kiss that is sure to get everyone talking when the horror flick opens. Until then, fans can get their Audrina fix in the video below (and also from our exclusive stills), where she talks about embracing her scream-queen side in the movie and even getting some revenge on a cheating boyfriend, whose name (fortunately!) isn't Justin Bobby.

"Megan's boyfriend cheats on her," she told MTV News at Comic-Con about her character. "So you cheat on one Theta Pi, you cheat on all Theta Pis. So, the sorority girls and I, we come up with this prank to get him back and it's a prank kind of gone wrong. And things don't happen according [to plan]."

Leah chimed in, "And when it does go wrong, it doesn't affect [my character] nearly as much as you think it should. It's gory and it's thrilling... It definitely has a very dry, very smart sense of humor."

Will you be seeing sorority row? Do you think all the guys out there will want to now, too, because of the aforementioned kiss?