Go On A 'Twilight' Shopping Spree With Our TwiCon Reporter: Magnets! Candy! T-Shirts!

EDITOR’S NOTE: After we were wowed by the awesome “Twilight” rap video she made as a tribute to her high school graduation Class of ’09, 18-year-old Fara Madi of Fairfax, VA won the opportunity to be our guest reporter at TwiCon — the year’s biggest “Twilight” convention, which took place Dallas last weekend. In between meeting vampires and listening to bands, she was able to pick up a few of the convention's best goodies. She filed this report.

When I told my sisters that I won the contest to go to TwiCon, they were really happy for me — and then they gave me a list of all the cool stuff they wanted. Not only did they want autographs of the stars I met, but they also wanted me to buy a lot of “Twilight”-related merchandise. Press play above to see what I picked up, then keep reading for more about my shopping spree after the jump.

Once I walked onto the massive TwiCon convention floor and began looking over all the vendor booths, I was amazed by the sight of all those fans trying to buy everything they can. I went around and looked at each booth, trying to find the perfect items that I knew my sisters would enjoy. But, I had to watch what I was spending since I had to buy three of each item — one for each of us.

Some of the stuff was really nice, like the “Twilight” jewelry, but many of the pieces were way too expensive. Even though I wish I could have bought them, my sisters would not have been pleased with only one bracelet.

So, I looked around for stuff that I could buy a lot of and that I knew my sisters and myself would use and like. One thing that I thought was cool was a set of hand-painted magnets that included Bella and Edward. The set came with three different magnets, and from that I knew it was the perfect thing to buy. Since I also paint — and have painted Bella and Edward — I thought it would be cool to buy them.

The place where I bought the most stuff was at the official TwiCon vendor booth. Everything they were selling had the TwiCon logo on it, just like a souvenir. So, I bought things like lip gloss, pencils, magnets, pins, and bags. That is where I spent most of my money!

Another cool booth belonged to “We Book Apparel”, where t-shirts with funny, original “Twilight”-related messages were being sold. One of the shirts said “OME,” standing for "Oh My Edward," which I thought was really funny. Another shirt had “Spunk Ransom”, which was the nickname that Robert Pattinson gave himself while being interviewed by MTV last year. I got the “Spunk Ransom” shirt, which I knew only the best “Twilight” fans would understand.

One vendor booth belonged to Sweethearts, and had candy with the cast of “Twilight” on the boxes; inside were messages on the candy hearts that were actually written by Stephenie Meyer herself. Just from that, I knew that the messages had to be really good. Some of the hearts sparkled, just like Edward does in the sunlight. It really stuck to the “Twilight” theme.

I bought a lot of merch at the TwiCon that I will use forever (or, until they are all used up, like the lip gloss). My sisters were really happy with what I bought them and could not wait until they got a chance to use them and show it all off. I am also going to always bring what I bought everywhere with me and show my love of “Twilight” to the entire world. I would like to thank MTV, Larry Carroll and our cameraman Nick Neofitidis for the opportunity to go to TwiCon — it was really fun!

What did you buy at TwiCon? Or, if you weren’t there, what is your favorite piece of “Twilight” merchandise?