'Breaking Dawn': Could The Final Book In 'Twilight' Become A Three-Part Movie?

Breaking DawnJust in time to celebrate the dawn of "Breaking Dawn" — the fourth novel in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight Saga" was released August 2, 2008 — comes a "Breaking Dawn" movie rumor. And it's big. Like, trilogy big.

It's long been a topic of discussion among Twilighters that if the series' final novel makes it to the big screen, it will have to be a two-part movie because, hello, the book is almost 800 pages long. Even Stephenie has conceded that Bella and Edward's closing chapters are a smidge too long. "If 'Breaking Dawn' were ever made into a movie, it's hard to imagine it fitting into ninety minutes," she wrote on her Web site.

But instead of the long-expected two-parter, rumors are rising that the saga's final tome will be turned into a full-blown trilogy.

"Sources say that 'Breaking Dawn' will be filmed and released in a new trilogy — 'The Twilight Saga' Breaking Dawn 'Part 1,' 'Part II' and 'Part III.' This has not been confirmed by Summit," reads a statement on casting Web site Acting 411. Presumably these three parts would mirror the three sections of the novel [SPOILER ALERT!]: Edward and Bella's wedding, Bella's pregnancy told from Jacob's perspective and Bella as a newborn vampire.

Now, I'm as bloodthirsty as the next rabid Twilighter, but even I think a "Breaking Dawn" trilogy is too much, largely because the middle section is a bit boring and could be massively cut for the screen. I can certainly envision "Breaking Dawn" in two parts, with the first movie fading to black right as Edward turns Bella, but I don't see enough of a plot arc for any section to stand on its own. It's probably a good thing, then, that these rumors are just that. And from a maybe-not-so-reliable source, no less. So for now, let's just chalk all of this three-part stuff up as hersay and focus back on the task at hand: getting excited to see "New Moon."

What do you think, Twilighters? Do you want to see "Breaking Dawn" in three parts?