TwiCon Report: Jackson Rathbone in Concert, Screaming 'Twilight' Fans Make For A Memorable Night

EDITOR’S NOTE: After we were wowed by the awesome “Twilight” rap video she made as a tribute to her high school graduation Class of ’09, 18-year-old Farah Madi of Fairfax, VA won the opportunity to be our guest reporter at TwiCon – the year’s biggest “Twilight” convention, currently underway in Dallas. On Friday night, Farah was front and center at a raucous show by 100 Monkeys, featuring series star Jackson (aka Jasper) Rathbone. She filed this report.

Today is my first day at the TwiCon at Dallas! It is going great so far, and I am having so much fun!

The big event that occurred today was the 100 Monkeys concert, which is known for the actor who plays Jasper Hale in Twilight, Jackson Rathbone. Since I had a press pass, I was allowed to go to the front, right next to the stage! It was so unbelievably close that it almost felt awkward to be there, staring right into all of the band members’ eyes! It was so unreal I still cannot believe what just happened.

Once the 100 Monkeys hit the stage, the crowd went crazy! What was so cool was that they also tried to interact with the audience, getting everyone involved. One of my favorite things that they did - other than singing - was when Jerad Anderson and Ben Graupner were passing notes to each other and Jackson pretended to be a teacher and told them to read it out loud! Another fun part was that Jackson was wearing a hat, and once the fans told him to take it off, he listened!

The band was so energetic; they kept jumping around and telling the fans to dance along with them. Ben G. was constantly jumping, clapping and playing around. At one point he even laid on the stage! It was a crazy concert! They sang many songs, mostly improv-heavy, sometimes without even stopping.

Listening to their creative and crazy (in a good way) music is so inspiring! Knowing that Jackson is not only an actor but also a musician shows how talented he is. I feel so lucky to have been able to experience it live!

Are you at TwiCon too? Tell us about your favorite moment so far!