A Volturi Member Heads To Gnome World & A Quileute One Preps For Jersey In Today's Tweet Dreams

Jamie Bower The rain came back to New York City today to wash away a lot of peoples' hopes for a fun summer weekend, including some waterlogged celebs. "Camp Rock" and "10 Things I Hate About You" star Meaghan Martin was caught off guard by the storms, Tweeting, "The weather is yucky today. I didn't pack correctly. HmpH," while "New Moon" actress Rachelle Lefevre, on the other hand, had a sunny (pun, intended) disposition about it all, "Its raining in NYC and it still manages to be the coolest city this side of the atlantic."

We know soggy weather wont stop anyone in the tri-state area from heading to the New Jersey leg of Twi-Con (check out our own coverage!) Gil Birmingham, who plays Jacobs father Billy Black, was ready to meet fans, rain or shine. Gil Tweeted to fans, "I'm in New Jersey....ready to rock & roll. See ya at the convention!" Speaking of "New Moon," in keeping with our big Volturi reveal day, we've highlighted a Tweet from Caius (pictured) about a theme park.

What else were celebs Tweeting about today? The departure of the dearly beloved "Reading Rainbow" to eyebrow mishaps, of course! See the Twitter madness in all it's glory after the jump, and don't forget to follow us all weekend @hollywoodcrush to stay up-to-date!

@jamiebower Gnome world!!!!! Why do you tempt me, motorway with signs full with the promise of joy, when you know full well that I cannot divert. X

-Jamie Campbell Bower ("New Moon," "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows")

@alydenisof I feel today will be the day I get Jason Segel to join twitter! We have next week off so I better!!!

-Alyson Hannigan, Actress ("How I Met Your Mother")

@halsparks I am old enough to remember a time when "facebook" was a side effect of reading too much... and MySpace was something you asked a GF for..

-Hal Sparks, Comedian, Actor ("Queer As Folk")

@questlove goodbye Reading Rainbow. (heoll gnrreton of nno reeadrs)

-Questlove, Musician

@emmyrossum Overheard chicks on the 6 talking wistfully about The Little Mermaid & "part of your world". What girl didn't love that song growing up?

-Actress ("The Phantom of the Opera," "Dragonball Evolution")

@amandabynes Not impressed with certain people in my life. Girls can be awful. Maybe I should only have guy friends?

-Amanda Bynes, Actress ("Hairspray," "What I Like About You")

@KimKardashian Isn't hard sometimes to take your own advice?

-Reality Star ("Keeping Up with The Kardashians")

@solangeknowles i was WRONG for the blonde eyebrows tho. dead wrong.

-Solange Knowles, Musician

@adamlevine I can openly admit that I'm not cool enough to wear sunglasses indoors. Bob Dylan and Jack Nicholson are on the short short list...

-Adam Levine, Musician

@michaelianblack New name for when you really have to go but can't find a place so you kind of shake your body all over to control it: hula-pooping.

-Micahel Ian Black, Comedian, Actor ("Michael and Michael Have Issues")