'New Moon' Love Triangles, Britney's VMA Promo & Heidi's 'Body Language' At Miss Universe: It's Crush Worthy Time

It’s Friday! You’re probably getting ready to head out of town (or, if you live in the Northeast like us, take cover from the rain) or to hit the town, but before you step away from your computer to enjoy your weekend, check out our new, improved Friday Crush Worthy feature. Instead of just telling you about the pop stories you were crushing on for the past week, now we're showing you. So press play on the video above to see a few of Hollywood Crush's finest staffers tackle the week's past news and keep reading for more details on our juiciest headlines.

So, at the Miss Universe pageant last week the "2010 Michael Jackson" Heidi Montag made her big pop star debut when she sang her single, "Body Language." (We were able to snag pictures of her rehearsing in the days before the event, which took place at the Bahamas' Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island) It seemed to leave everyone talking, including her friends Kristen Cavallari and Stephanie Pratt who were quite impressed with Heidi's Britney-Spears-like performance.

Speaking of Britney Spears she put on three amazing concerts at Madison Square Garden throughout this week and additionally made us all chuckle in her new VMA promo. She and her pal, VMA host Russell Brand, are now hearing each other's voices in their heads. And, it seems they might also be a little smitten with each other. That Russell sure is a charmer, isn't he?

Finally, Kristen Stewart had everyone talking this week (as she typically does!) not only because she described the intense breakup scenes she had to shoot for "New Moon," but also because we're not quite sure if she's practiced those breakup skills on her (former?) beau, Michael Angarano yet. We took a trip down lover's memory lane by looking back at a few pics from the Michael and Kristen photo album.

And of course we mourned the loss of Derek Jeter's single life now that rumors are circulating that he's secretly engaged to Leighton Meester's twinsie, Minka Kelly. Oh yeah, did we mention that "Final Destination" star Devon Sawa is our old school crush this week? "The Final Destination" star Nick Zano, take notes!