'The Office' Star John Krasinski And Actress Emily Blunt Are Engaged!

John and Emily Jim and Pam are set to marry this season on "The Office" (spoilery wedding photos hit the Internet this week), but star John Krasinski is set to marry in real life, too. John and his girlfriend of almost a year, "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The Young Victoria" actress Emily Blunt, confirmed their engagement today, according to People.com. Last November, an "insider" told Glamour magazine that the couple seemed smitten while on a weekend getaway in California, saying "John really cares for Emily — he totally fawns over her. And she’s loving the attention. She’s a down-to-earth girl, but it’s nice to be treated so well."

Sounds like Emily is a regular gal type — as in, more like John's onscreen love, Pam Beesley, than Emily's bitchy "Prada" alter ego. Before they started seeing each other last year, John dated his "Office" costar Rashida Jones, while Emily went out with singer Michael Bublé for three years. The low-key couple began dating in late 2008, and have enjoyed a quiet relationship out of the public eye (so quiet in fact, we had a hard time locating a picture of the two posing together!).

Neither John nor Emily have talked to the press about their love lives, but we can probably get an idea of how Jon is in a relationship from a 2007 Women's Health interview, when he said that a woman can tell a man is head-over-heels in love with her if he turns up wherever she goes. " A friend might say he doesn't feel like going to a party," he said. "Then he hears that Sarah or whoever's going to be there. Suddenly he gets up off the couch, stretches, and says, 'Oh, I guess I'll go.' No matter what a guy says, if he shows up at all the places you're at, he's hooked."

No word on wed John and Em will actually walk down the good ol' aisle, so until then we're wishing a congrats to the happy couple on their engagement!