'True Blood' Sneak Peek: Watch Sookie, Tara & Lafayette Prepare For Battle In This Sunday's Episode

HBOThe clock is running out on HBO's "True Blood" as Maryann — revealed to be a devil-worshiping maenad with the power to manipulate the mortal souls surrounding her — tightens her grip on the folks of Bon Temps. Luckily for Tara (Rutina Wesley, pictured right), our favorite trash-talking bartender (next to her cousin Lafayette, of course), Sookie (Anna Paquin) came back from her Dallas excursion just in time to wrest the tortured soul from Maryann's black-eyed curse.

But the last thing on Tara's mind is her own personal safety when Eggs (Mechad Brooks), her newly-established boyfriend, is still under the maenad's twisted spell. She'll have plenty of choice words for Sookie, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and even her ex-alcoholic mother (Adina Porter, pictured left) on Sunday night's second-to-last installment of "True Blood's" second season, and we've got sneak peek at that very conversation... after the jump!

"We have to go get him," Tara pleads with Sookie in this clip. "Eggs needs to get out now! How many times have you put yourself in danger for the man you love? How come you get that option and I don't? I finally found a strong, beautiful man who loves me, and y'all wanna keep me from rescuing him because you're afraid I might get hurt? How hurt do you think I'm gonna be if we wait and something happens to him!"

But the argument is cut short by the howling of Maryann's minions right outside of Lafayette's doorstep ...

"They're coming for you," Lafayette warns his cousin. Luckily, the Merlotte's short-order cook has plenty of tools at his disposal besides a spatula — namely, a high-powered rifle with Maryann's name all over it!

Press play on the video below to see the entire scene!

What's going to happen to Eggs? Is Lafayette going to have to use that rifle? Will Bill return in time with the information needed to beat Maryann? We'll know for sure on Sunday, but you can guess here in the comments section!