Catherine Hardwicke Thrills The Crowd At New Jersey's 'Twilight' Convention With Behind-The-Scenes Stories

By Nicole Guanlao

Edward Cullen would have felt at home as the cloudy weather set in and the rain fell on Parsippany, NJ, but this gloominess was nowhere in sight as droves of Twilighters descended upon the Hilton Hotel this afternoon for Creation Entertainment's Official "Twilight" Convention.

There were merchandise stands with T-shirts (I even snagged one for myself!), lunchboxes (pictured above) and even life-size cardboard cutouts of Edward and Bella for sale! We still have a few more hours until the end of the convention and we've already seen our hosts, The Hillywood Kids, present their famous "Twilight" spoof and the movie's director Catherine Hardwicke just walked off the stage after a Q&A session with some very excited Twi-Hards.

Click on the photo above to see more snapshots from this weekend's ongoing convention and keep reading for more on what Catherine revealed (hint: it involves a certain vamp's hair!)

The director shared some very funny stories about my celebrity crush and Saga star, Robert Pattinson. Catherine spilled that when he was first cast in the role of the infamous sparkly vampire, he was surprised how heated fans got about their opinions on who would or wouldn't make a good Edward. Of course, being the excellent leader that she is, Catherine comforted the actor and told him to trust her and not pay attention to those comments. It turns out Catherine was right because he's since become a mega star, leaving all those naysayers in his wake.

The director also confirmed that her love for long hair almost led to Edward have lengthy locks, but Robert was so uncomfortable when he wore hair extensions that they decided to nix the idea. I think they made the right decision — can you imagine Edward or Robert without his perfectly messy short hairdo? "Twilight" just wouldn’t be the same!

The audience just couldn't get enough of Catherine's stories. She encouraged many of the aspiring directors and actors present to go after their dreams! Now that’s a message we can all sink our teeth into!

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