'New Moon': Our Full Reveal Of The Volturi Continues With Brand New Movie Stills!

Earlier today we gave you a full look at the five famed vampire rulers of Italy, the Volturi, and now we're back with even more goodies to lighten up your gloomy (at least in NYC it is!) Friday.

We've caught the mysterious clan got in action amidst the drama of Nov. 20's can't-come-soon-enough "New Moon." Below, Aro (Michael Sheen), Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower) and Alec (Cameron Bright) look incredibly contemplative — or is it scheming? — as they flank the throne in their underground lair.

Click on the photo above to see more stills from the pivotal Italy scenes in the "Twilight" sequel and keep reading to find out more about these "stunning and scary" (thanks to reader "nybornsilence" for that description!) vamps after the jump.

Robert Pattinson alert! Edward's pictured below with sister, Alice (Ashley Greene), as they are ushered into the casa de Volturi by pain-inflicting Jane (Dakota Fanning). We're guessing that has to be Bella standing directly behind Jane with her head down.

"New Moon" head honcho Chris Weitz recently told People magazine how the undead got those fiery red eyes. “They’re all hand-painted, specially manufactured contacts,” he explained. “They’re opaque red, almost like preying mantis eyes. You can’t really see into them. There’s something terribly off-putting about it.”

Who wants to bet those contacts will soon be the next big thing for sale in the ever-growing "Twilight" marketplace?

What do you think of these new Volturi stills? What you expected or disappointing?