'Jennifer's Body' Star Megan Fox Kissed A Girl (Amanda Seyfried) And Admits She Liked It

I've got a question for the boys: How is it possible to even consider having another Megan Fox-less day after she just confessed to MTV News that she feels more comfortable making out with chicks than dudes onscreen?

"I felt more comfortable kissing her in the movie than I felt kissing any of the other people that I had to kiss," she said of her onscreen smooch with her "Jennifer's Body" costar Amanda Seyfried.

"I think [Amanda] was extremely uncomfortable," she added. "I don't think that — I know that."

Turns out that line in the "Jennifer's Body" trailer when Megan's titular Jennifer confesses, "I go both ways," might not be so limited to onscreen. As for Amanda — eh, maybe not so much. But that's why she isn't the girl all the boys love to love, and all the girls love to hate.

Check out the clip above to hear more about the Diablo Cody-penned girl-on-girl action, and check out the trailer for the Sept. 18th release over at Movies Blog.

The above interview was just one piece of MTV's "Behind the Screen" feature on "Jennifer's Body," and the rest will be revealed on September 4 at 7 p.m, when "Behind the Screen" returns with even more celebrity interviews and exclusive looks at the hottest upcoming movies.

What do you think about Megan's girl kiss admission?