'True Blood': Move Over Eric & Bill, It's Time To Applaud Jason Stackhouse As A Genius Character

Ryan Kwanten as Jason StackhouseForget Sam Merlotte, forget Bill Compton, even forget — dare I say it? — Eric Northman! All of those guys are fine in their own right (and heck, we've even come up with a way to figure out which is your type), but when it comes to the crush-worthy heroes (and anti-heroes) of "True Blood," there's perhaps no one more overlooked than Sookie Stackhouse's very own brother, Jason.

No, Jason doesn't turn into a dog to get out of hairy situations. He doesn't have fangs either. And, fine ... he hasn't lived for a thousand years. But what Jason lacks in supernatural ability, he makes up for in unbelievable entertainment value.

After the jump, check out the five reasons why I think Stackhouse should be nominated as The Man of "True Blood"!

1. Village Idiot: A major reason for Jason's charm is his sheer stupidity. His heart might be in the right place, but there's no evidence that his brain is. Even if he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, Jason is one of of the series' most refreshingly honest characters — when he's not lying about abducting vampires and sneaking V tabs, that is.

2. Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Idiocy aside, there's no denying that Stackhouse fights for what's right. When he realized the villainous nature of the Fellowship of the Sun, Jason not only turned against the church, but he did so armed with a long-range paintball rifle. When his pal Sam was in danger from Maryann's black-eyed crazies, Jason was the first one into Merlotte's with chainsaw in tow. Man of action, indeed!

3. Face It, You're Smitten: In last week's episode, Jason proved his acting chops by pretending to be Maryann's horned God — and with just a few road flares, a gas mask and an antlers-shaped branch, he pulled it off! Thanks to Stackhouse's award-winning performance, and a little shape-shifting assistance from Mr. Merlotte, the whole town believes Sam has been "smitten" by the God... even if Jason himself doesn't know what "smitten" means.

4. Real American Hero: While we're on the topic of Jason's past triumphs, let's not undervalue the time he snapped an American flag in half and used it to stake a vampire, even if it was just during a training session. But the ingenuity and unbridled fury displayed in that scene proved that Jason doesn't need smarts to face his opponents. All he needs is that good ol' American instinct.

5. Just A Bloke: While Jason proved his flag-waving patriotism, the actor who plays him, Ryan Kwanten, couldn't be less American if he tried. Ryan is an Australian-born actor with an Australian-born accent, which is nothing short of jarring to hear when he speaks out of character. But it just goes to show how impressive Ryan's portrayal of Jason Stackhouse really is... and it's another reason to love the Bon Temps bloke!

Are you a fan of Jason Stackhouse? What's your favorite memory of the character on "True Blood" thus far? Let us know in the comments section!

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