Jon Hamm & Oscar Isaac Join Girl-Heavy Cast (Vanessa Hudgens! Emily Browning!) Of 'Sucker Punch'

John and OscarYesterday Jon Hamm was confirmed to be the first male actor cast in Zach Snyder's lady-heavy "Sucker Punch," and today we've got another for you: 28-year-old Guatemalan hottie Oscar Isaac. Variety didn't spill too many more beans than that when they filed their report last night.

Zack Snyder is being notoriously tight-lipped about the project and has left few clues as to how Oscar or Jon will fit into the puzzle that is the "Sucker Punch" plot. The little that is known about the film is as follows: a young girl ( Emily Browning) is committed to a mental asylum by her stepdad with plans to be lobotomized. She turns to her friends and fellow inmates ( Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish) to help her escape, and they move into the alternate reality of a brothel to plot and plan. Carla Gugino also stars as a nurse in the real world and brothel madame.

The only clue given to Jon's identity was his name: High Roller. With no such clues given to Oscar's place in the "Sucker Punch" world, we can only speculate as to whether he'll be on the side of Emily's escape plan or backing her father on the lobotomy. As he is only eight years older than Emily, it's hard to picture him filling the role of her nasty dad, but the ages align as him potentially being a love interest on Em's side if that's how the story plays out.

Most recently, Oscar has been seen in "Body of Lies" and "Che: Part One." With most of his work taking on a more serious flare like the Catherine Hardwicke directed 2006 release "The Nativity Story" about the lives of Mary and Joseph Oscar will have a delightful shift in genre in this gun-slinging, brothel-based action extravaganza. His shift will be nothing compared to that of costar Vanessa Hudgens, whoever, whose previous two films were "Bandslam" and "High School Musical 3."

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