A Star Recalls Her Bella Swan Halloween Costume & Kristen Bell Goes 'Veronica Mars' On A Hacker In Today's Tweet Dreams

Kristen BellCongratulations, Kristen Bell. You've reached that (not-so-enviable) status of someone whose had their Twitter page hacked! And while the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star did have to put up with a few posts from the imposter, she (and Alyssa Milano) fought back. The REAL Kristen wrote to fans, "its not me. its someone with nothing better to do. and we are gonna handle this veronica mars style." Alyssa Milano must have heard the call as she posted, "Ive just reported @IMkristenBeii as a fake. The REAL Kristen Bell can be found at -> @IMKristenBell With love, Sheriff Milano."

Elsewhere, "The Office" star Rainn Wilson sent our hearts fluttering with talk of John Krasinski. We don't care much for fantasy football, but if the one and only Jim Halpert is involved, we just might change our minds! Rainn told followers, "Office fantasy football draft next week. I pick 8 (out of 12)- tips? Sleepers? Under-rateds? Overs? Must. Beat. Krasinski." And speaking of "The Office", Mindy Kaling , aka Kelly, Tweeted, going to mysterious location to shoot something exciting. We can hardly wait much longer for that season premiere!

Check out what else all your favorite celebs were up to today below (John Mayer even responds to the unearthing of his mugshot!) and follow us 24/7 @hollywoodcrush!

@ewatsonx Been very busy with filming! I'm sorry I haven't updated regulary. Love you all! - Em x

-Emma Watson, Actress ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows")

@theelllenshow I was gonna give out a unicorn today, but my lawyers said I shouldn't. So now I'm giving out a Samsung Blu-ray player!

-Ellen DeGeneres, Comedian, TV Host ("The Ellen DeGeneres Show")

@michellebranch Halloween is my favorite holiday. I go ALL out. Thinking of being a clothed Bettie Page..I dunno. Last year I was Bella from Twilight, hehe

-Michelle Branch, Musician

@frankenteen Denver! Birthplace of the omelette.

-Corey Monteith, Actor ("Glee")

@Bethenny http://twitpic.com/fhvyr - 'I Like Big Balls and I cannot lie!' Baby got Balls! @tasteoftennis

-Bethenny Frankel, Reality Star, Author ("The Real Housewives of New York")

@taylor_momsen summer has flown by, especially with so much to look forward to in the Fall!! Fashion Week is so close, I can almost feel the fabric...

-Taylor Momsen, Musician, Actress ("Gossip Girl")

@johncmayer http://bit.ly/GwCG2 Well done, TMZ. But the real winners today are the puppies. Proof of payment on the way...

-John Mayer, Singer

@mileycyrus Already feeling a little blue. So I think I'm gonna torture myself and watch P.S. I love you. Bring on the water works. =[

-Miley Cyrus, Singer, Actress ("Hannah Montana")

@tonyhawk A preemptive apology to those flying from LA to Toronto: our baby has discovered her mobility and vocal range. Enjoy! With love, The Hawks

-Tony Hawk, Athlete

@katevoegel Flying southwest and getting dirty looks from the A line for not checking in 4 days ago to get a good spot...

-Kate Voegele, Musician, Actress ("One Tree Hill)