'Bring It On' Where Are They Now: Here's A Look Back At The Minor Players Of The Cheerleading Flick

Universal The original “Bring It On” set the bar in 2000 for a whole new millennium of chick-flicks. It put cheerleaders into the center spotlight, coined the new phrase “Bring it” and sent the careers of many of its stars into a glorious new direction. But there are some of our favorite Rancho Carne High cheerleaders who, well, seem to have retired their fame pom poms ever since. As a part of Hollywood Crush's "Bring It On" week — in honor of the newest captain on the franchise's team, "Fight to the Finish" (out on DVD Sept. 1) — here’s a look back at some of the original cheerleaders who didn’t quite get it brought'en.

Lindsay Sloane

Lindsay’s star peaked with her role as the cheer-stealing RCH team captain, “Big Red.” After starring in the WB’s short-lived 2000 TV series, “Grosse Pointe,” Lindsay (pictured after the jump) has made numerous bit appearances in everything from HBO’s “Entourage” to last year’s Uma Thurman chick-flick, “The Accidental Husband.” Most recently, Lindsay starred as Mary in the 2009 short film “Water Pills.”

Nathan West

As one of RCH’s few male cheerleaders, Nathan’s Jan was a comedic and hilarious counterpart to Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union’s backstabbing, badass biznatches. But after a brief four-episode stint as Johnny on the WB’s “7th Heaven,” Nathan (pictured above, right) faded from the spotlight. After appearing as “Actor” in “Not Another Teen Movie” and making a brief appearance in the short-lived “That 80s Show,” Nathan’s biggest role was In 2004’s “Miracle” as Rob McClanahan. Most recently, Nathan has appeared in this past season’s “Bones” episode “Fire in the Ice.”

Nicole Bilderback

After petering out her post-“Bring It On” fame in TV shows like “Dark Angel,” “Dawson’s Creek” and “Boston Legal,” RCH’s only Asian cheerleader (below, left) continued to dabble in popular TV series by taking one episode roles in shows like “House,” “Heroes” and “Cold Case.” Most recently, Nicole starred as Julie Kim in the 2009 drama, “The New Twenty.”

Clare Kramer

Continuing the trend of gravitating to television post-bringing it, Clare (above, right) got almost as important a recurring role on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (she played hell god Glory) as her cheerleading costar Eliza Dushku did. However, beyond playing a secondary role in “Rules of Attraction” and joining Eliza again for an episode in the Dusku-headlined Fox drama, “Tru Calling,” Clare has mostly faded into the mist. In 2008, she appeared in the thriller “Road To Hell.”

Richard Hillman

Arguably the least successful of the “Bring It On” main actors (and the most physically changed — check out that picture of him above!), Richard has only been credited in three other projects after the 2000 cheerleading hit. Beyond uncredited roles in “Legally Blonde” and “The Best Ever,” Richard played Kyle Statton for two episodes in the TV show “Jack & Jill,” was Neill in the made-for-TV movie “Teenage Cavemen” and in 2007 played Dylan in “Greater Than A Tiger.” Maybe being broken up with by Kirsten Dunst in what turned out to be an extremely popular classic was too much for him to handle.

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