Russell Brand Reads Britney Spears' Mind In New VMA Promo

Remember those shots circulating earlier this summer of a lithe Britney Spears lounging by the pool in her white Eres bikini and floppy black hat? Well, we can now reveal those weren't random paparazzi shots but were part of an MTV Video Music Award promo shoot featuring Brit and two-time host Russell Brand!

This is the second time the odd couple has joined forces for a VMA promo. Last year the two filmed a series of mostly ad-libbed commercials in an abandoned warehouse with a 9,000-lb. elephant in the background. In one of the ads, Britney jokingly (or... not?) referred to the comic as "Russell Brown."

The new 60-second ad finds the two contemplating the upcoming awards ceremony, and we're privy to their thoughts.

"I wonder if he'll invite me," Britney contemplates. "I mean, I can obviously get an invite. But it would be nice for Russell to invite me personally, now that we're friends and all."

"Oh no," Russell adds. "Some of the things I said could have been construed as offensive." [Ed. note: Um, you think?!?] "I hope she doesn't think ill of me."

After a few more exchanges, Russell realizes he too can hear Britney's thoughts and begins to use his telepathic powers to his scheming advantage. Check out the full, funny ad above.

Are you excited about Russell hosting the VMAs again this year?

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