'True Blood' Sneak Peek! Here's What We Know About Evan Rachel Wood's Queen (Hint: She Prefers Women!)

ERWA single, blood-streaked leg was the first hint we got of Evan Rachel Wood's vampire queen of Louisiana during the closing moments of this week's "True Blood" episode. Whether the appendage belonged to Queen Sophie-Anne or a puncture-marked human, we can't say for sure, but we have uncovered a few tidbits about the bloodsucking queen whom Bill turns to, to rid Bon Temps of trouble-making Maryann.

Sink your teeth into these fangtastic facts as you patiently (or not so patiently) wait for next week's episode.

She favors female flesh

A steamy sexy scene is a rite of passage for any "True Blood" cast member, and Evan is no exception. Though her major moment will be a little different than most. "It's with a girl," the 22-year-old revealed to Newsweek. "I don't think vampires are really gay or straight," she added. "I think she just prefers women." Should we start taking bets as to which "True Blood" babe she beds?

She may be a vampire queen, but she'd never be voted homecoming queen.

“Nobody’s ever entirely happy to see her character," series creator Alan Ball told EW . “She’s very powerful, capricious and most likely insane." Hopefully she's no worse than Maryann, or else Bon Temps will be fixin' for even more drama.

She's got some serious style

Sophie-Anne's had 500 years to hone her fashion sense, and from the looks of the photo above, she's perfected it swimmingly. The bloodsucker looks downright delicious lounging by the pool in an ivory halter one-piece with her cat-eye shades and tidy red waves. We're dying to see what other '50s glam pieces emerge from her sure-to-be cluttered closet.

She's a woman with a plan

What was billed as a two-episode arc seems to have increased, as several sources are reporting Evan will return for season 3. It's not clear what she'll be doing, but Alan Ball revealed that she "has more than one secret agenda." Perhaps a few Charlaine Harris fans can clue us in?

In the meantime, click play on the clip below to hear more about Evan's queenly role from the vamp herself.

Are you excited to see Evan's "True Blood" debut on August 30? What do you hope she brings to Bon Temps?