'Twilight' On Film: What Scenes Are You Most Looking Foward To Seeing In 'New Moon,' 'Eclipse' & 'Breaking Dawn'?

"New Moon" is only 13 short weeks away, "Eclipse" is shooting and just recently, there was an apparently false rumor that we would be getting two “Breaking Dawn” movies. Even though the last "Twilight" film tentatively won’t be coming out until 2011 (or 2012?), it’s hard not to keep our eyes on the last three novels in the "Twilight Saga" as they move toward hitting the big screen. In honor of our excitement over these film adaptations, we have put together a list of our top five favorite scenes we can’t wait to see (in order of importance, of course).

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read anything past the very first book in Stephenie Meyer's series, you probably should skip reading this list, run out to your nearest bookstore, and, uh … get on that!


After an almost completely Edward-less "New Moon," by the end of the book readers are almost more desperate to reunite with their favorite hunky vampire than Bella was. For those of you who didn’t catch the tease on this scene at Comic-Con (RPattz got his abs! Or at least got them airbrushed…) and have been avoiding any tabloid that has to do with Kristen and Rob in Europe (set pictures from Italy were leaked), then I envy you for not having any idea how epically awesome Edward and Bella reuniting is going to be. Let’s just say, that’s going to be one hell of a kiss.


Poor Jacob. After mooning (pun intended!) after Bella for three long books, it seems all hope has been lost for him to find the girl of his dreams. But then in "Breaking Dawn," he sees Bella and Edward’s daughter Renesme for the first time and, as written by Stephenie Meyer, "The gravity of the earth no longer tied [Jacob] to the place where [he] stood. It was the baby girl in the blond vampire’s arms that held [him]here now." Catherine Hardwicke and now Chris Weitz have shown their skill in adapting mere words and mental images into amazing visual sequences, so I can’t wait to see how they show when Jacob "imprints" and finally gets his own girl — newborn baby or not.


Once again, unless you’ve been avoiding "New Moon" movie rumors all together, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about the infamous cliff jump. When we recently talked to Chris Weitz, he told us the scene would be a seamless melding of CGI and actual footage to make Bella’s desperate dive to defy Edward as realistic as possible. Even knowing it’s coming, Bella’s jump is bound to be as shocking to see as it was to read for the first time. The look on KStew’s face is sure to be priceless.


What happens when you’re the most precious object in the world to both a vampire and a werewolf? Well, they’ll both skip a giant battle between bad vamps, good vamps and shapeshifters to protect you in a tent far from danger. But what happens if it’s during the winter, and your only chance at keeping your body temperature up is cuddling with the extra warm werewolf in his sleeping bag? And if your boyfriend the vampire can read that werewolf’s mind as he’s thinking up some pretty inappropriate things to do to you? That leads to some good drama, my friends. Some very good drama.


It’s what the entire “Twilight” series was building up to:The wedding between Bella and Edward. Finally, the two of them can be together forever. Finally, they can get it on. And finally, she can become a vampire (sorry, Edward). But the wedding itself, though short in "Breaking Dawn," is bound to be a beautiful and drawn out affair on screen (InStyle even recently had iconic fashion designers — Zac Posen! Badgley Mischka! — sketch what they envision Bella's wedding dress to look like). Besides, it allows us just for a moment to pretend it’s KStew and RPattz, not Bella and Edward, walking down that aisle.

Can't wait till Nov. 20 to take in "New Moon"? Click on our flipbook below of stills from the sequel's most recent "Meet Jacob Black" trailer:

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