Miley Cyrus Might Remake Billy Ray's Famous 'Achy Breaky Heart'

CNN recently sat down with Billy Ray Cyrus to talk about the "Hannah Montana: The Movie" DVD release. Much of the talk focused on how Billy Ray's father affected his life, and how he hopes to pass that on to Miley, but there's one more important question CNN decided to save until last: Will Miley remake "Achy Breaky Heart?"

It's kind of funny to think how this question probably would have been left out if a news source focused on a younger demographic were to have conducted the interview. Few know that Billy Ray was originally famous because of his 1991 country hit, "Achy Breaky Heart" — and if they do it's from "I Love the 90s" reruns on VH1. In fact, for many "Achy Breaky" made him not be taken all that seriously in the public eye. It was his shift to acting that won him some esteem, however. And, of course, that daughter who's really worth a million bucks.

So should she remake "Achy Breaky?' Miley is much more pop than country, though with her cowboy hat and plaid her roots do shine through. And "Hannah Montana: The Movie" is all about returning to your roots (though the line "Put the wig back on! You'll never have a normal life if you don't!" kind of defeats the purpose, IMO), so why wouldn't Miley remake the song that made her dad a hit? Maybe because they secretly know it's not the best idea, and detract from her insane popularity by doing such a hokey song.

Bill Ray seemed to agree. "I doubt it," he told CNN, but added, "Anything is a possibility."

Instead he steered the conversation to the song's upcoming 20 year anniversary in 2011 and the other "major stars who want to re-do that song." So it looks like "Achy Breaky" will get redone, and I'm sure Miley's heart isn't aching or broken that it's not going to be by her.

What do you think: should Miley tackle her dad's famous ditty?