Britney Spears' Red Hot Summer: We Count Down Her Top Five Moments Of The Season

Ten years after hitting it big with "...Baby One More Time," Britney Spears is once again driving fans crazy, being a slave 4 u, etc. with her comeback tour. And the pop star shows no sign of stopping. In addition to her Circus tour, Brit's been making some pretty high profile appearances this summer including a cameo on "The Late Show" to present Letterman's Top 10 list. In an homage to that appearance, and to celebrate Britney's boffo summer, we've compiled our own list of Britney's top 5 moments from summer '09.

But before we get to that, take a look back at the starlet's past couple of busy weeks by clicking on the photo below!

5. Back to Blonde

Britney's not one to shy away from bold hair choices (she did shave her head that one time), so we weren't surprised when the pop tart gave brunette another go earlier this summer. But just like a relationship with a womanizer, it didn't last long, and she was back to her signature blonde tresses in no time.

4. Bangin' bikini bod

Britney's been baring her bikini-ready body at hotel pools across the country, even posing in a white Eres two-piece for an L.A. photo shoot. We think body confidence is totally lucky.

3. Letterman's list

We'll admit it's sort of meta to compile a tribute list then include said list in the list (you got that?), but we can't ignore Britney's bikini-clad recitation of "The Top Ten Ways the World Would Be Different if Britney Spears Were President" on the "Late Show." Who wouldn't support free pie for everybody?

2. Circus' second leg

The pop star truly is a rock star for enduring a non-stop touring schedule that began back in March. And just this week, Brit kicked off the second leg of her tour in a very cool way, leading fans on a Twitter scavenger hunt of sorts for a chance to win front row seats.

1. The teens' choice

Britney already had a slew of surfboards on her mantle (or more likely collecting dust in her garage), but the singer received the biggest kudos of all this year being awarded the Ultimate Choice at the Teen Choice Awards. Congrats on a great 2009, Brit!

Do you have any other shining moments to add to Britney's best of summer 2009 list?