'Twilight In Forks': Our EXCLUSIVE Reveal Of The Documentary's Poster

By now, Stephenie Meyer fans everywhere have begun buzzing about "Twilight in Forks," the first-ever documentary about the “Twilight” phenomenon. I’m particularly excited about the movie because I visited the tiny little logging town not too long ago, and it was during that trip that I initially met the crew and heard about the project.

Now, as part of the first step in producer York Baur and director Jason Brown’s countdown to the film’s release, the duo have given us the “one sheet” for the flick. So, take a minute and check out the cool art after the jump that will grace the DVD and posters promoting “Twilight in Forks” when it hits stores (and Amazon) October 15th.

I know, I know — if you’re a hardcore Twilighter, you’re probably thinking “I know everything about the world of Edward and Bella already.” Well, I felt the same way at first, but while these guys were filming up and around the real-life Forks, they discovered some things that might open some eyes to the very origins of the “Twilight” saga itself.

“One of the things that makes ‘Twilight’ so unique is how much time Stephenie spent, as almost a journalistic approach, researching [the town’s details] for that original story,” explained Baur. “[‘Twilight’] is about the story [of Bella and Edward] itself, but along the way she documents every nuance of the town so accurately - the names of streets, the distances between things, the actual structures and the businesses. Every detail is in the book, and it’s actually there in the town.”

“An interesting fact about Stephenie’s research is that it’s really accurate — and of course, if you talk to her publicist and herself, they would say she had never been to Forks before she wrote the book,” explained Brown, setting up one of the topics they delve into for the film. “There’s actually a little bit of debate about that that, and it turns up in our movie.”

Are you excited to see “Twilight in Forks?” Will it help you hang in there until the November 20th “New Moon” opening?