Christina Milian On 'Fight To The Finish': It's 'Better Than Any Bring It On You've Seen Yet'

Welcome to day three of "Bring It On" week here on Hollywood Crush! The star of the fifth installment in the spirited lineup of movies, Christina Milian, is setting some pretty high expectations for her version,"Fight to the Finish." "It's better than any 'Bring It On' you've ever seen in your life!" she declared this week when she stopped by our offices.

Since its debut in 2000, the plot of all the "Bring It On" films has remained virtually unchanged, but Christina defended the new film's greatness by mentioning its up-to-date music and choreography. "I have music in the movie," she added after listing that Lady Gaga would be on the soundtrack. "I even shot a video that's at the end of the film."

She also said that because she plays a Latina cheer captain in the movie (the first one yet!), it adds a new flavor to the franchise. "It's spicy, it's fun, it's exciting, it's current, it's stuff that you watch now, and you'll love it."

Only time will tell whether this is the best "Bring It On" film of them all — "Fight to the Finish" will be released on DVD next Tuesday. Stay tuned for a look back to the first one here on Hollywood Crush later today!

Do you think this will be the best "Bring It On" yet? Which was your favorite film so far?