'Whip It' And Ellen Page Glide In With An EXCLUSIVE Look At The Movie's Poster & A Still!

Whip ItOnce again Ellen Page is showing her parents what a rebellious and badass daughter she is, except instead of being with child, she's participating in the less finite but infinitely more dangerous roller derby. Today we got an exclusive sneak peak at the brand-spankin'-new poster for "Whip It" (see the full image after the jump), which is the Ellen headlined and Drew Barrymore directed flick heading to theaters October 9.

I'm loving the many layers to this poster. Showcasing Ellen in her classic innocent style, the filmmakers aren't shoving the fact the film is directed by Hollywood's golden girl Drew Barrymore down anyone's throats. Instead, the focus is on Ellen in roller derby gear, but with the tagline "Be your own hero," the plot of the film isn't given away to people that don't know anything about it. Also, by having the text of "Whip It" be a bunch of different shots from the film instead of being a solid color, they're showing us this film is going to be about a lot more than just Ellen Page or the roller derby.

See the full poster after the jump!

As part of MTV's Fall Movie 2009 Preview, we also have an exclusive shot of Ellen outside the roller derby with onscreen beau Landon Pigg. This scene (pictured below) looks like one of the film's calmer moments (I don't see ladies being thrown to the ground with roller skates on anywhere) and with Landon tucking a strand of hair behind Ellen's ear, it looks like her character is going to be a lot softer than her previous and beloved incarnation in "Juno." One can hope to see that side of her, right?

Are you excited to see Ellen Page star as a beauty queen turned roller derby champ? How do you feel about Drew Barrymore making her directoral debut? Is Landon Pigg a good follow up to "Juno" star Michael Cera?