Jesse Eisenberg Tries To Get The Girl In Our 'Zombieland' EXLUSIVE Clip

Before writing this article, I’ve got to let you all know I am half in love with Jesse Eisenberg. I thought he was incredible in “Adventureland,” have been beyond excited for “Zombieland” since I saw its first teaser trailer,” and if he were to star in “Kittyland,” which would just be a feature film of his face cut between videos of cute kittens like Jonah Hill did in “Funny People,” I would pay my $10 to go see that movie, too.

He has mastered the Michael Cera charm of being the quasi-nerdy but intelligent and interesting boy-next-door who doesn’t think he’ll get the girl but always ends up managing it. In our above exclusive clip from “Zombieland,” poor Jesse finds out getting the girl of his dreams is a lot more than he bargained for.

Luckily for Jesse’s character Columbus (named after the city he was from before the zombie apocalypse hit), his cute zombie neighbor is not the girl who ends up being his romantic interest.

Instead, it’s Emma Stone as the shotgun wielding Wichita.

“I have a pretty cool pump shotgun that I liked a lot,” Emma said when describing her weapon of choice for killing zombies. What guy wouldn’t want to live when zombies roamed the earth?

Press play on the video below to hear more from Emma and Jesse!