Jennifer Aniston's Romantic Comedies And Male Massage Therapists In Today's Tweet Dreams

Mark Hoppus It seems as though the men of the Twitterverse dominated with funny, and ok, kind of crazy, posts today (see below, and props to Lucy Hale, Mandy Moore and L Bosworth for holding down the fort.) Of course unintentionally funny found its way in, too. Case in point, Spencer Pratt who wished those heading back to the classroom today, "Everyone who started school again today study hard so you can be like Spencer Pratt when you grow up hahahhahahahaha lol." Laughing at himself or just his evil villain laugh in his plot to take over the world? We'll let you decide.

Elsewhere, Miley Cyrus and Ashley Olsen avoided some possibly misplaced accessory trauma. Miley tweeted, Omg! I found my lucky bracelet! It was in the CUP HOLDER in my car! I don't know and don't care how it got in there! DOO DA DOO Life's good!" While Ashley (or at least her official Twitter fan page)  let us know, "WOO, I just found my favorite highheels. I was looking through my closet searching for new stuff to wear and I found them!" Crisis averted ladies; we were all pulling for you in those tough times!

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@davecoulier ...a guy named Luis at Home Depot this morning thought I was Jeff Daniels. Then his friend, Rafael asked: "Were you Dumb or Dumber?"

-Dave Coulier, Actor ("Full House")

@markhoppus Sitting on a bench in Central Park. Feels like I'm about to film a heartfelt scene with Jennifer Aniston or meet up with a secret agent.

-Mark Hoppus, Musician

@Halsparks I think I've officially seen too many movies. Everytime I see someone with a duffel bag I think they're dangerous and I should tackle them.

-Hal Sparks, Comedian, Actor ("Queer as Folk")

@tonyhawk Got an invite to speak at the Twitter Conference. Do I have to keep talking points to 140 syllables? It's gonna be hard to keep track...

-Tony Hawk, Athlete

@maxcrumm what if, "my account got hacked" was just an excuse to go a lil crazy online?

-Max Crumm, Actor ("Grease: Youre The One That I Want")

@azizansari Must be tough to be a girl going out with Timbaland and have him tell you despite his success, he can't even afford to buy you flowers.

-Aziz Ansari, Comedian, Actor ("Parks and Recreation," "Funny People")

@daxshepard1 Two upsides of having a male massage therapist: 1. no perverse day dreaming 2. if you tooted it wouldn't be the end of the world.

-Dax Shepard, Actor ("Baby Mama")

@lucyyhale Who still takes flinstones vitamins? I do.

-Lucy Hale, Actress ("Privileged," "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2")

@TheMandyMoore also i <3 chocolate biscuits.... seriously.

- Mandy Moore, Actress/Singer

@LoBosworth @laurenconrad is making me ride a bike into town...doesn't she know i crashed at least 6 times, then gave away my bike when i went to ucsb??

- Lo Bosworth, Reality Star ("The Hills")