Writer Diablo Cody On 'Jennifer's Body': 'What Scares Me? Teenage Girls'

Murderous young ladies seem to be all the rage this fall. Yesterday we brought you an exclusive clip of the first three minutes of Audrina Patridge's slasher flick "Sorority Row," and today we continue MTV's Fall Movie Preview week with a chat with "Jennifer's Body" writer (and Academy Award winner) Diablo Cody.

For the uninitiated, "Jennifer's Body" stars Megan Fox as the titular character, who after a human sacrifice gone wrong, becomes possessed by a demon and begins seducing and eating the boys in her high school. Sounds kind of out there, right? So where did this oddball idea come from? Apparently, a walk down memory lane.

"I was thinking straight horror film when I started," Diablo said. "And I thought to myself, What's scary? What actually scares me? And I was like, zombies? Not so much. Ghosts? No. And then I remembered being a teenage girl and evoking the wrath of another teenage girl and how truly scary it could be."

Press play on the clip above to hear Diablo's full explanation of the man-eating, dark comedy.

Will you be seeing "Jennifer's Body" when it begins wreaking havoc in cineplexes September 18?