'The Box' Has Cameron Diaz And James Marsden Asking Moral Questions

Somewhere along the line of Warner Bros. ping pong game with its release date, you might have missed hearing about the new Cameron Diaz and James Marsden thriller, "The Box" (out Nov. 6) — one of the coolest and most original concepts behind a film to come out in recent years.

To break the films plot down quickly, Cameron and James play Norma and Arthur Lewis, a married couple with a child who find a wooden box mysteriously placed on their doorstep. They find out that, by pushing a button, the box will give them a million dollars, but if they do so, it will end the life of someone in the world they do not know, and the couple must struggle with their decision and its moral repercussions.

"This is a simple idea but, at the same time, its one of the most profound questions," Cameron said when she sat down with MTV News to talk about the film. "Every day we're pushing buttons, every day. There's always a repercussion to our actions."

Check out the clip above to hear James and Cameron share their reasons for joining the film, and to hear Cameron charmingly refer to James by his nickname Jimmy.