'New Moon' Star Ashley Greene's Yearbook Photos Found! (Her High School's Mascot? A Wolf!)

Not everyone can pull off the timeless beauty look in their high school yearbook photos (bleached, teased hair somehow doesn't stand the test of time), but "Twilight Saga" actress Ashley Greene is one of the blessed ones. Judging from the yearbook pictures MTV dug up, Ashley was the epitome of fresh-faced girl next door during her formative years at her Jacksonville, Florida high school, Samuel W. Wolfson. (Fun and/or very eerie fact: her school's mascot was none other than a wolf and the school's nickname is the wolfpack! Does that mean we should add her to Team Jacob? We're thinking yes!)

The long dark hair Ashley's sporting in her senior portrait (above) is certainly a change from Alice Cullen's pixie-ish 'do, and trendy Alice probably wouldn't have been caught (un)dead in the traditional drape and pearls Ashley's wearing. But as far as non-embarrassing yearbook photos go, these belong in the hall of fame! We should note, too that the quote under her senior year pic came from Avril Lavigne's song, "Who Knows": "Who knows what can happen - do what ya do, just keep on laughing-Find yourself- there's always a brand new day." That's so something we could hear Alice telling Bella.

In addition to the posed portraits, there's also a candid of Ashley competing in the school's "Miss Wolfson" competition in 2005 (below). Before she played Forks High student Alice, Ashley originally dreamed of becoming a model. After graduating and moving to L.A. at age 17, she fell into acting instead. "I took a commercial class and an acting class, and the teacher who I was taught by was just so passionate about it," she told MediaBlvd magazine. "He was amazing! I fell in love with it, instantly."

After booking small roles on TV shows and movies, she finally got her breakout role in "Twilight." "The first two years [of being in L.A.] was just about getting my bearings," she said. "If I did book something, it was little stuff, here and there. But, I had good people around me and I stuck it out."

Click on any of the photos above to see even more of Ashley in her coed days! (Take note specifically of Ash's sophomore year pic, too. It's almost uncanny how much she looks like Kristen Stewart!)

What do you think of Ashley's high school yearbook photos?

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