Chris Pine, Blake Lively & Rupert Grint: Happy Birthday To Three Of Hollywood's Hottest Young Stars

Chris PineJust as everyone has an opinion, a favorite meal and a nose — albeit a fake one at times — so too does everyone have a birthday... even celebrities. Here at Birthday Bash, it's my mission to salute the fine actors, filmmakers and other Hollywood heroes that are celebrating their special day this week. After all, it's cheaper than mailing a cake!

This week, the party is on for a a Star Fleet captain, a budding wizard and a young New York socialite.

Chris Pine (August 26): Leaping from relative obscurity to instant stardom with this summer's "Star Trek," Chris Pine clearly has a bright future ahead of him. Taking over the mantle of Captain James T. Kirk from William Shatner is no easy feat, but thanks to the directorial assistance of J.J. Abrams and a strong supporting cast, Pine became a science fiction icon practically overnight.

Before Ryan Reynolds eventually landed the coveted role of Hal Jordan in "Green Lantern," Chris' name was rumored in connection with the DC Comics superhero. While his casting never panned out, there's plenty of other high profile characters that Chris could play — but hopefully he'll continue to man the captain's chair of the USS Enterprise for many years to come.

Rupert GrintRupert Grint (August 24): Even if the "Harry Potter" films hinge on Daniel Radcliffe's performance, the success of the franchise is strongly reliant on the work of Rupert Grint's portrayal of Ron Weasley, Harry's best friend and fellow wizard-in-training. Like Daniel and their co-star Emma Watson, Rupert has practically grown up on screen, starting off as a boy in "The Sorcerer's Stone" before becoming a full-fledged leading man in "The Half Blood Prince."

When "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" hits theaters, the "Harry Potter" film series will officially end. Grint has already proven himself in roles outside of the magic-based universe with "Driving Lessons" and "Thunderpants," and he's sure to have continued success once his days at Hogwarts are over.

Blake LivelyBlake Lively (August 25): As Serena van der Woodsen, "Gossip Girl" actress Blake Lively has become an immediately recognizable face. But her role on the much beloved CW television series isn't her only reason for popularity — the young actress has appeared in several movies, including "Accepted," "Simon Says," "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and its sequel.

Blake's days on "Gossip Girl" are hopefully far from over, but it won't be long before the actress becomes a big screen fixture. With the aforementioned movies already under her belt, Blake's continued future in the film industry is all but guaranteed.

Special shout-out goes to Michael Jackson (August 29), who tragically passed away earlier this year. The late King of Pop would have turned 51 years old.

Check back next week for an all-new edition of Birthday Bash!