'Eclipse' Star Bryce Dallas Howard Is 'Restless' For More Movie Projects About Young Love

She played the blind girl in "The Village" (and was in "Lady in the Water" too, but who saw that?), but Bryce Dallas Howard didn't become infamous until Summit supplanted her into the role of Victoria in Eclipse, booting Rachelle Lefevre from the character she had played in the two previous "Twilight" films.

Summit claimed the replacement was because Rachelle was scheduled to film her new movie during the time she was supposed to be filming "Eclipse," so when news arose today that Bryce had signed on to produce an upcoming Gus van Sant film, it definitely raised our eyebrows.

Bryce attended New York University with the screenwriter for the new film, "Restless," where Yahoo News reports scribe Jason Lew first wrote the story as a play. It was Bryce who encouraged Jason to write the story as a screenplay, and then brought it to her father, Ron Howard (pictured with Bryce), who wanted to develop the project with his production company, Imagine Entertainment. Jason sure found the right confidant at NYU!

Papa Howard and his Imagine partner Brian Grazer agreed to produce the project along with Bryce and showed the script for "Restless" to the Academy Award-nominee Gus (the director behind the critically acclaimed "Milk" and "Elephant"), who bit. Columbia Pictures is describing the project as a contemporary and distinctive take on young love, which definitely coincides with Gus' previous films.

Granted, the film is still in negotiations and it probably wont start shooting until later in the year, if that soon, but wouldn't it be ironic if the production schedules of "Restless" overlapped with "Eclipse"?

What do you think of BDH's newest endeavor?