'True Blood': Who Else Thought Last Night's Episode Included The Funniest Moment Ever?

Ryan Kwanten HBO's "True Blood" is a fangtastic drama that also happens to be quite funny. Its humor is often subtle, nearly imperceptible like a throbbing vein beneath the flesh of an unsuspecting human. It can be found in the nuanced body language of its stars (Eric's sly smirk while Sookie sucks his blood) and in its whip-smart writing (Andy Bellefleur to Lafayette: "You didn't go on a gay cruise! If you did, you'd come back with more pizzazz, not less!").

But last night's return to Bon Temps brought arguably the most overtly hilarious moment of the entire series, courtesy of surprisingly clever Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten).

[SPOILERS AHEAD! DON'T READ FURTHER IF THE EPISODE IS STILL SITTING ON YOUR DVR WAITING TO BE WATCHED!] As expected, the gang arrived back in town to find quite a mess left by Maryann's ebony-eyed acolytes. But there was a bigger problem brewing besides grafittied signs and littered sidewalks. The mob was out for blood — Sam Merlotte's blood — and former Soldier of the Son Jason appointed himself Sam's savior. Outfitted with all manner of lawn and garden supplies (the chainsaw was a nice touch), Jason headed to Merlotte's to free the bar owner from his walk-in refrigerator. Initial success turned into failure when the finally freed Sam surrendered just moments later to a resurging mob. But this is where it got good. Knowing that the crowd would only acquiesce to its "God," Jason, with the help of Andy, transformed into their deity.

Shirtless, decked in a gas mask and tree-branch horns and holding a pair of glowing flares, the pretty boy stood astride a pick-up truck, declaring, "People, your work here is done. Go home." And through the foggy lens of the zombie-like crowd, Jason's makeshift outfit did indeed look damn deity-like (and scary!). When the mob finally began to abate, Sam seized the moment, hopping out of the ropes that bound him, begging God Jason to smite him. "What's he saying?" Jason whispered to Andy in an aside. "I can't hear inside this thing." After three such requests from Sam, Jason finally understood, proclaiming, "I smite thee, Sam Merlotte, die!" And with a tiny poof, Sam disappeared, shape shifting once again into a buzzing fly, surprising both the crowd and his smiter.

It's not often that I laugh out loud at this dark drama, but this scene left me howling with glee. After all of the death and destruction in Dallas, a refreshing moment like this was what was needed to enliven a rather (shall I say it?) lackluster episode. (Well, that and another unfortunately faux Sookie-Eric makeout scene. When are they going to get it on for reals?)

What did you think of last night's "True Blood" episode? Was Jason's "God moment" the funniest of the series? Or do you have another scene to submit for judgment?