Singer Keri Hilson Prefers To Dress Like A Man And Wear Ugly Clothes (Her Words, We Swear!)

By Adam Baran

“Knock You Down” singer Keri Hilson reviews all of her best and worst fashion moments on the latest episode of’s new webseries, “What Were U Thinking?” Usually the show features celebs who’ve been around for a long time, and have lots of good and bad looks (previous guests have been Kelly Osbourne and "Cheetah Girl" Adrienne Bailon). But Keri Hilson has just started to blow up, though she’s been on the music scene for a while as a collaborator and writer on songs for artists like Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, The Pussycat Dolls and Jennifer Lopez.

What do we learn from Keri during this episode? Well, right off the bat the singer, who usually rocks the same kind of electro-80’s-futuristic style that Kanye West and Rihanna have become known for, says she prefers wearing clothes that are more masculine, giving her a modern androgynous look. In her bonus video extra, Keri says she prefers the clean lines and powerful shapes of male fashion icons like Prince, James Dean and Michael Jackson. Keri can pull these looks off and make them seem stylish because she’s exceptionally pretty with model good looks — just like other famous androgynous fashion icons such as Annie Lennox and Grace Jones.

Keri’s other secret for becoming a fashion icon? Wearing the fugliest clothes she can find. Keri says, “I’m the shopper who picks up somehow the ugliest thing … that’s the thing that I gravitate towards. And people are always like 'Oh that’s so ugly!' and I’m like 'Watch how I rock it.'" Keri always looks flawless no matter what she’s wearing – even bikini clad on the cover of the August issue of Complex magazine — so it’s hard to fathom that the way she achieves her look is the opposite of what we think of as the right way to dress. Check out the episode above and let us know what you think of her flair for fashion.

Is Keri telling the truth about her ugly clothing obsession? Is there gonna be a run on ugly men’s clothes across America?