'Bring It On: Fight To The Finish' Has 'So Much Flavor,' Says Cast In Our EXCLUSIVE Featurette

Grab your pom poms, and down your caffeine drinks of choice, Crushers, because you're going to need all the pep and spirit necessary to make it all the way through "Bring It On" week here on Hollywood Crush!

The fifth movie in the cheertacular franchise (yes, you read that right: there are now five ways in which you can "bring it" to your living room couch), is out on DVD a week from tomorrow (Sept. 1), and we're planning to get you ready for the release by filling you in on every last detail about the new flick as well as the past four. So, plan on: meeting some of the new, very attractive cast members (yeah, just go ahead and look up Cody Longo on Google now!), finding out where some of your faves from the first "Bring It On" are now and taking in even more exclusive content.

To kick off the week, we're giving you an exclusive featurette in which the faces of the newest movie in the "Bring It On" lineup explain why their flick is a must see. "This new 'Bring It On' movie has all the hype and the energy of the other movies, plus, you know, a hundred times that!" exclaims headliner Christina Milian.

Adds Christina's costar, Vanessa Born, who plays the fiery Gloria: "Dance fusion and the Latin flavor, it's like nothing you've ever seen." Another cheerleader, Gabrielle Dennis, completely agrees: "This movie has so much flavor, it's crazy. The energy is like a thousand watts."

If you think, however, that "Fight To The Finish" just includes all the same stunts and cheerleading moves as the first four, director Billie Woodruff says, that's not necessarily the case: "There are some nice dance things happening that I think will take it to another level."

Are you planning to buy the "Fight To The Finish" DVD?