Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner To Duet To A Taylor Swift Song On 'American Idol'?

If Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were to pick any song to sing a duet on "American Idol" to, what would it be? Maybe a Joan Jett song in honor of her role as the famous singer in The Runaways? Or a Paramore tune since the band made the theme song to the first "Twilight" movie? Not exactly. The BFF "New Moon" stars told EW that it would be the much edgier and intense — as in Taylor Swift's ditty, "Love Story. "

In fact, not only do they love the song, but Taylor describes it to Kristen as "our song." (Hmmm ... maybe we weren't too far off in our speculation of a Kristen-Taylor affair? Only kidding!) Turns out even they can't get the addictive tune from country hottie out of their heads, as Kristen started singing some of "Love Song" to the camera before Taylor stopped her saying, "OK, lets not do that."

But maybe the love story being told isn't between, Taylor and Kristen, but rather Taylor and Taylor (Lautner and Swift, that is), who were caught strolling around the set of "Valentines Day" together. And so, the plot thickens ...

Would you want to see Kristen and Taylor really make a cameo on "American Idol"? What do you think of their song selection? And come on, just how cute are the two of them together?