Alexis Bledel: We've Got Our Eyes On The 'Post Grad' In This Week's Star Gazing

Who knows if that supposed "Gilmore Girls" movie will ever happen, but fans eager to get their Alexis Bledel fix since the series ended in 2007 can flock to the theaters this Friday to see Rory (er, Alexis) graduate college again (sans proposal) in the romantic comedy "Post Grad." Alexis stars as recent college graduate Ryden Malby, an eternal optimist who must face the reality of moving back in with her eccentric family while she looks for a job (no mean feat in this economy, for sure).

Thankfully, art doesn't imitate life in this instance, as Alexis seems to be having no trouble landing jobs as of late, having been admitted to the "E.R." series finale earlier this year and the Wall Street flick "The Good Guy." Alexis is truly having a moment, which is why she is the focus of this week's "Star Gazing." Click on the picture below to peruse images of the blue-eyed beauty and read on to get the dish on Alexis' rise to fame.

The Texas native began acting in community theater at the age of 8, encouraged by her parents who hoped the stage would alleviate her shyness. Roles in productions of "Our Town," "The Wizard of Oz" and "Aladdin" followed before she was discovered by a model scout at a shopping mall. Alexis modeled throughout high school and after graduating landed the first major role she auditioned for — Rory on "Gilmore Girls." She's since swapped denim in two installments of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," in addition to starring in "Tuck Everlasting," "Sin City," and "Life is Short." With rom-com "Post Grad" we can only hope Alexis will graduate to the kind of big screen roles this hard-working actress deserves.

Will you be seeing "Post Grad" this Friday?