As MTV Turns 28, We Remember Some Of Its Hottest On-Air Talent

Gideon YagoOn August 1, 28-years-ago a little channel called MTV launched. And, with it came hot guys known as VJ's and correspondents presenting music videos and music news to teenagers all across this great land known as America.

Over the network's nearly thirty year span, there have been so many interesting personalities - Pauly Shore, Bill Bellamy, Jesse Camp - that you forget that there have been some hotties gracing this network as well. And while we salute some of our current talent like Tim Kash, Sway and Tres' Carlos Santos for keeping the airwaves attractive, but we also are reflecting on some of the fine fellows who have graced the famed Times Square building before them and defined what it meant for us to be teenagers.

5) Brian McFayden: We couldn't help but be a little broken-hearted when we found out that this VJ and the network's resident blonde bombshell was dating Nicky Hilton.

4) Nick Zano: What we liked about Nick was that he seemed like a guy who could have a good time while hosting his show, "Movie House."

3) Quddus and Damien Fahey: TRL will always have Carson Daly, but Fahey and Quddus made our hearts quiver with excitement at their adorableness day after day.

2) Jim Shearer: MTVU will never be the same without Jim and his fun-loving, music-knowing personality. Plus, he was very easy on the eyes.

1) Gideon Yago: We'll always love John Norris and Kurt Loder for being undeniably cool, but he made dorks hot. And he made us all care a lot about politics and indie rock.

Do you agree with our list? Who is your favorite VJ growing up?