Behind The Scenes At Comic-Con's 'New Moon' Panel: Check Out All The Stuff You Didn't See

In case you ever wondered what it's like for the "Twilight" crew as they gather backstage while a throng of their delighted and excited fans nearly jump out of their seats waiting for the crew to make their entrance at a panel discussion for the latest "Twilight" flick in the saga, "New Moon," well here's behind-the-scenes video evidence for your perusal.

At last week's Comic-Con, the crew including Robert Pattinson and a Joan-Jetted-out Kristen Stewart, all made their way to San Diego for the highly anticipated "New Moon" panel and how they act backstage is quite revealing indeed.

All the crew seems quite composed before they make their big entrances to the stage, but it's the way both Taylor Lautner and Robert interacted backstage that warmed our hearts. They were quite adorable play fighting in the moments before Taylor took to the stage. And, RPattz's excited smirk as he ascended the stairs to hit the stage was decidedly adorable.

Don't believe us? check out the clip and tell us what you think!