'Titanic' To Get A 3D Makeover: Start Planning To Dodge Icebergs & A Giant Sinking Ship Now!

Titanic Jack and Rose's "Titanic" love will indeed go on... and on... and on thanks to a newly announced 3D makeover. The MTV Movies Blog caught up with "Titanic" director James Cameron at Comic-Con where he revealed his plans to "dimensionalize" the 1997 blockbuster.

Working on the upcoming 3D flick "Avatar" is what inspired James Cameron to give his watery epic the multi-dimensional makeover. According to Cinematical, the process will take one year to 14 months to complete, meaning the revamped film could likely hit the big screen sometime in 2011, probably around the much-coveted holiday season.

News that Rose (Kate Winslet), Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and their "Titanic" shipmates will rise again in 3D got us thinking about which scenes we're stoked to see in eye-popping detail.

1. The iceberg

Two hours of rowdy jigs, nudie painting sessions and backseat lovemaking were just the preamble to the main event — that big hunk of ice. With a 3D redo, we can only imagine how much scarier that over-sized ice cube will look looming on the horizon. Plus, the inevitable below-zero temperatures in the theater could actually serve a purpose.

2. The necklace

Rose's "Heart of Ocean" diamond would be any girl's welcomed best friend. But sadly, 3D is the closest we'll ever get to having something that expensive within our reach.

3. "I'm the king of the world!"

Just imagining Leo's outstretched arms reaching toward us from the bow of the boat gives us the shivers.

4. The sinking of the ship

This is the ultimate action scene in "Titanic." Maybe a juiced-up sequence will be good enough reason to drag our boyfriend to another viewing.

5. Underwater excavation

We have no plans to strap a SCUBA tank to our backs and hang out on the ocean floor anytime soon, so we're glad we can fulfill our deep-sea jollies safely from a cineplex seat.

Are you excited for "Titanic" to come to 3D? Will you be buying a ticket to see it on the big screen? Which scenes are you excited to see in 3D?