Kristen Stewart's Joan Jett Look During 'New Moon' Mania At Comic-Con: Is It A Do Or A Don't?

Who knew Kristen Stewart was such a method actress? Because, really, what other explanation is there for the "New Moon" star showing up at Comic-Con looking like the spitting image of her "Runaways" alter ego Joan Jett?

Listen, we know Kristen is in the midst of filming the rock biopic and couldn't exactly de-mullet herself for the event. But what was stopping her from washing off the jet black eyeliner and putting on an outfit that doesn't scream "I rolled out of bed 3 minutes ago!"?

Perhaps she's just drumming up publicity for the 2010 release of "The Runaways," but we prefer Kristen looking slightly more Bellaesque, with a softer, more feminine style.

Still, we wanted to know what others thought and took to the streets of Times Square asking guys and gals their opinion on KStew's do and style. Press play below to see if her look was deemed rockin' or not in our snap poll and then share your own thoughts in the comments section below.