'New Moon' Comic-Con Wrap Up: We Recap The 'Twilight' Mania & Surprise Cast Appearances!

New Moon cast attends twilight screening

By Vaneta Rogers

Thursday was a long day for "Twilight" fans at San Diego Comic-Con, but it ended up being one that none of us will forget.

Not only did we get to see new footage introduced by stars of the film at Thursday afternoon's "New Moon" panel, but Summit Entertainment brought in a slew of cast members later that night for a special screening of "Twilight" at a nearby movie theater. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner showed up for the event along with other stars of the film, waving to fans in front of the theater before the event began.

Fans at Comic-Con

Those who got into the ticketed event were rewarded with the chance to ask the stars questions before watching the film. We saw Billy Burke, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, Christian Serratos, Elizabeth Reaser, Rachelle Lefevre, Justin Chon, Kiowa Gordon, Jamie Campbell Bower and Noot Seear.

Once again, Twi-fans showed their uncommon dedication, waiting in a line that was almost six city blocks long for the screening, with people at the end of the line waiting two-and-a-half hours before getting through the theater doors.

It was the grand finale for a day filled with all the cheering and screaming you'd expect from throngs of "Twilight" fans, but also a sense of newfound friendship and camaraderie among those who shared the experience — like Karla and Kathia Leon from Monterey, Mexico, who sat next to me at the panel and could barely speak English, but they still understood the language of "Twilight."

Or Louise Kianiewicz, a professor of anthropology at University of Pennsylvania who studies fan culture but has gotten caught up in the Twilight mania and waited in line with other fans.

Or Rebecca Reynolds, the little girl who camped out for two nights with her mother for the chance to see her favorite stars.

audienceFor those lucky "Twilight" fans who made it to San Diego Comic-Con, Thursday was the opportunity to connect with other fans of the books and movie who "get" what "Twilight" mania means. And besides, getting to see footage of both Edward and Jacob taking off their shirts made the long day more than worth the effort!

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