'New Moon' At Comic Con: Taylor, Kristen & Robert Arrive And We've Got Photos

That trio of stars (do we even need to mention their names? Well, fine... if we must: Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson [insert sounds of screaming fans here]) you've been eagerly waiting for to make an appearance at Comic-Con have arrived! The photo below was taken at the "New Moon" press conference in San Diego earlier today. The press conference, of course, is not to be mistaken for the "New Moon" panel, however, which begins in just an hour.

Before you click on the photo flipbook below (to view even more "Twilight" and Comic-Con goodies) make sure to check out our most recent report from the madness that is the line forming outside the hall where the panel will take place. We'll have an update on the press conference soon as well. Quite possibly just as fast as you can utter the words "Be safe."

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